New Beer: Pineapple Express California IPA with added Terpenes

Wolf of the Willows have enjoyed producing stand-out, award winning West Coast and Hazy IPAs for years. From their core range staples West Coast IPA and PUP Hazy Pale, to the cult following Double Vision DIPA / Inner Vision WCIPAs, as well as this years collaboration brew with San Francisco/USA brewery Original Pattern, Latitude 37.8 WCIPA. It’s no surprise they’re going to market with an IPA that strays from the norm and nudges the boundaries of craft beer.

Introducing 5.6% ABV Pineapple Express California IPA with added Terpenes. They’ve taken a botanical Terpene blend based on the famous sativa “Pineapple Express” cannabis strain using all-natural botanical Terpenes Myrcene, Pinene & Linalool, then carefully layered a blend of Vic Secret, Citra and new-world variety BRU-1 hops over the top. Don’t worry, there is no CBD or THC at all in the beer, just wonderful elements of Pine & Citrus cascading over beautifully dank pineapple notes. With a touch of lemongrass and a sweet floral nose, at 5.6% ABV, this Pineapple Express California IPA with added Terpenes is an elevated sensory experience.

Wolf of the Willows co-Founder Scott McKinnon explains “Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in plants and botanicals that give them their distinct flavours and aromas. They are abundant in cannabis, and many other plants, herbs and flowers, including the almighty hop!”

The brewery team chose to add Terpenes to take your standard pale or IPA and bring a whole other dimension to the senses of smell and taste. Different types & ratios of terpenes, & how they interact with other substances has been termed the ‘Entourage Effect’. Simply, they’re essentially adding an extra dimension and layer of enjoyment to your tasty brew.

For more info on Terpenes learn more HERE

So is this the next evolution of Craft Beer? Well let’s just say the brew team at Wolf are super excited about their first release Pineapple Express California IPA, and it’s just the beginning of many brews to come with added Terpenes.

355ml tins hitting indie bottle stores and Kegs at local watering holes from Friday 27th October. You can also purchase their beers via their online store.

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