West Coast IPA

West Coast IPA
West Coast IPA
West Coast IPA
West Coast IPA
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A reflection of our love of US West Coast IPAs, this IPA bursts with resinous, tropical hops, a solid malt backbone and a firm bitterness. A true West Coast IPA designed to have balance between hops, malt and bitterness.

Sit down and savour with a meal or on its own, this solid IPA is indulgent and refreshingly 'big' - for those moments when you want to step it up a bit. The Wolf of the Willows name sake, Lupus Salictarius, pays homage to the humble hop, so only fitting that our heavy hop hitting IPA does as well.

Inspired by Scotty's days working in Colorado as a ski bum. Think drinking American pints of fresh fresh IPA, playing darts and pool, eating buffalo wings and watching the sun go down over the Rockies with a few good mates after a hard days snowboarding. Yep, we wish were there right now chasing some freshies....

Double Dry Hop (DDH) aka a truckload of hops at different stages in the fermentation. Citra, Simcoe, Vic Secret and Strata. 

Ale malt balanced by a touch of crystal malt and a bucket load of wheat for head retention and lacing for the glass.

IBUs 53

Finish Smooth but firm bitterness

6.0% ABV

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Food match:

Easy: Burgers and Buffalo wings. Intense meets intense.

Medium: Think a light southern Indian curry, lightened with a little coconut milk. Go easy on the chilli, but be more generous with aromatic curry leaves and earthy cumin. Perfect.

Harder: Two nerdy brewer words here - Maillard Reaction. This is essentially the browning of proteins. Think foods like roasted chicken, a crusty loaf of fresh sour dough or rye bread, or best yet a great sear on a steak from a flat pan. So why does it work with this IPA? The Maillard Reaction is actually the same process malt goes through. In fact, the number one flavor identifier for Maillard is “malty.”  This West Coast IPA backs down the malt a wee bit, so using the Maillard Reaction on any food you cook brings it right back up to balance the flavors.

Cooking with this beer:
Main thing is to be careful with the bitterness - as you heat the beer the bitterness becomes more prominent. Go easy and ramp it up.
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Homage IPA broasted pigs cheek celeriac puree boudin noir caramelised apples.

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